Ambitious goals

Changing the landscape of cancer treatment.

In our efforts to find new drugs we focus on small molecule therapeutics. Why? Because small molecules allow for nearly unlimited options for combinations with other drugs.

And secondly, we think that selecting the right drug targets is key to success in cancer therapy.

By targeting Myc through dual inhibition of CDK-9 and G9a, we address one of the master drivers of cancerous growth.
With our LXR agonist program we want to reduce MDSCs, an immune cell-type that renders many solid tumors immune-excluded. Reducing MDSCs by LXR agonists would be a prerequisite to getting existing T-cell targeted therapies such as checkpoint inhibitors or CAR-T-cell therapies to work in many solid cancers.

Our Pirin/NF-kappaB inhibitor program is a novel and unique approach to inhibit the central switch at the cross roads of inflammation and proliferation. This has various applications in viral infections and sepsis, chronic inflammation as well as in certain cancers.

Our mission is to translate science into new medicines by tightly integrating our deep expertise in biology, pharmacology and medicinal chemistry to come up with best in class medicines.

We are scientists and entrepreneurs and we are ambitious to make a real contribution in cancer pharmacotherapy for the benefit of patients and society.